We are currently building this site, so please bear with us.


But, since you are here, let us explain the site’s purpose.

Telecommuting jobs have boomed in recent years. What was once great for many of us freelancers has taken a new, dismal direction. Although there are more telecommuting opportunities than ever, the money isn’t there anymore.

Tele-workers from around the world have gotten into the game and drastically changed the landscape.

What most of us would charge for 500 words of well-crafted writing others are willing to do for much less.

I don’t fault anyone willing to word for $5 or less an hour, that’s big money where they come from, but it leaves the rest of us without much recourse. We have started to settle for less money than when we first got into freelancing.

Five years ago I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed to write an article for less than $25. Now I’m lucky if I can find a client willing to go higher than $15.

The premise of this site will be to match highly-skilled native English writers with companies seeking high-end writing products.

Once we get all the details mapped out, we’ll be back to bring a new way of doing things.

Stay Tuned,